• New York
  • January 29, 2020

Benny Will be performing with me on July 14th in Spokane, WA from 2-6pm at the Chateau Rive so make sure you come check us out!
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10 thoughts on “Interview: Bix Weir & Benny Wills discuss the Art of Freedom!!

  1. BiX and Benny….. Instead of talking about and waiting for the Federal Territorial Britisand Municipal h governments (USA, Inc) to implode, spend a few lite coin, educate yourself, file the necessary paperwork with your birth county and the Internal revenue service and become an American State State National which is your birthright. This entitles you to the GUARANTEED CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS you keep talking about. BTW, Bix, since the lawyers are "after you"….. as you say, once you leave the United States Citizen political status, these British Agent Lawyers (BAR Lawyers – British Accredited Registry) are impotent. I have commented about this on your postings before and are a subscriber…. SO FOLLOW IT UP……Also….. Benny, FOLLOW IT UP !!!

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